• Localisation : Sud
  • Niveau de poste : Confirmé / Expérimenté
  • Secteurs d'activité : Energie, Mines, Matière première
  • Référence du poste : Sol_2024-013
  • Type de contrat : CDD
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➡ Number of positions: 06

➡ Company/Industry: Oil & Gas

➡ Place: Sud

➡ Reference : : Sol_2024-013

🔘 Type of contract: CDD

➡️ Descriptif

The focus of the Maintenance Technicians is long term chemical injection system reliability and uptime. In particular, meeting the uptime (or availability) of chemical injection systems, so that the chemical treatment is effective and meets the objectives as set by the direction. Failures will be tracked (via a database) and trends will be identified, monitored and addressed in order to sustain reliability over the long term.

Any suspected fault or malfunction on a chemical injection system; third party or vendor rew; will be investigated by the vendor maintenance technicien. After troubleshooting, either the fault can be repaired onsite and chemical injection resumed; or if not may require equipment changeout and more detailed investigation in the Maintenance workshop (for example chemical injection pump teardown). For full pump teardowns and rebuilding in the workshop, pump specialists from Division Maintenance will also be available to assist.

Vendor will assist and advise on building an inventory of spare parts that meets company’s requirements in terms of pump uptime and reliability. The offsites chemical injection systems come from a variety of different manufacturers and all are solar powered.

🔘 Profile:

➡ Have a Chemical Injection Systems Maintenance Technician diploma (with details of training courses successfully completed and copies of training certificates).

➡ The Maintenance Technicians should be qualified, trained and experienced with chemical injection systems instrumentation and pumps troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs.

➡ Be trained to work on solar-powered equipment.

➡ Strong experience in a similar position,

🔘To apply:

1️⃣Fill out the following form: https://forms.office.com/r/aV64VZajgr

2️⃣And send your CV, putting on the subject line ‘’Sol_2024-013’’, with details of academic background and industry training courses successfully completed plus copies of training certificates.on: recrutement@dz.gt.com