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We support Algerian companies and multinationals in their recruitment process, from the definition of the need to the integration of future recruits through several stages.


This is a decision-making tool that ensures the match between the profile of a candidate or an employee already in post and the needs of a company. It can intervene for different purposes: Recruitment, Advancement in rank and Career development.

Associated with partners with recognized expertise as an Assessment Center, an assessment is a set of tests, exercises and interviews to which candidates are subjected, whether for recruitment purposes (external) or well to elements already part of the company (internal mobility); as part of the evaluation of managers and employees in general; or as part of the development of a talent map as requested by the partner. Whether it’s internal or external recruitment, or simply an assessment of the personalities of your workforce, which will allow you to adapt personalized development and career plans, you can make Solic Algérie your Assessment Center, with several advantages including:

benefit from the expertise of specialized consultants whose job is to assess, recruit and manage multiple professional situations,
have an external, objective, neutral and exhaustive analysis of the results of the assessments and benefit from an assessment tool that is based on behavioral science and technology that eliminates bias to allow you to make the best recruitment decisions , management, people development and detection of high potentials

3-Out-sourcing (technical assistance)

Our service specializes in outsourcing the accounting, tax, payroll and human resources aspects of companies. We offer a complete and personalized solution to meet their needs. Our team of experts provides up-to-date and consistent information and advice. We are able to represent our clients with the Algerian administrations and help them with their administrative procedures. In addition, we offer regulatory monitoring, accounting monitoring and the preparation of financial and summary statements. In the event of liquidation, we take care of the dissolution of the company. Our goal is to offer you quality assistance and support at every stage of your project.

4-Out Placement

This service is offered to companies that are in the scenario of an economic redundancy, concerned about the professional reintegration of their employees.

5-Internal and External Talent Mapping

With this service, companies wishing to ensure their succession plan can be helped by our services. We select the candidates according to the criteria determined by the partner and subject them to tests and evaluations. The data collected is analyzed to determine the ideal profile for the given position. Finally, we are able to advise the partner on the positions in which these candidates could be the most relevant.

6- Investment slip

Being approved by the state, we are able to support the employer in obtaining placement forms, and thus benefit from reductions on the employer’s share (CNAS), for any recruitment for a period of at least twelve (12) months,

7-The salary benchmark

This service is offered in the case of the implementation of a remuneration policy for a company recently established in Algeria, or already existing. The process consists of collecting the necessary information concerning the level of remuneration and benefits from the people occupying the positions targeted by this Benchmark, then cross-checking the data obtained with the HR departments of these companies to validate the information while maintaining anonymity. some participants. We average the figures obtained and send them to you in the form of a report/analysis.

8-HR Consulting

We work with expert HR consultants on different aspects:

the implementation of a remuneration policy or the review of this policy if it already exists,
review of HR processes and recruitment process,
HR development (career management, talent management), GPEC (provisional management of jobs and skills),

9-Quality of life at work & psychosocial risks

This service is offered to companies to enable them to carry out a preventive/corrective analysis for their employees. Through a digital solution, employees respond to questionnaires, anonymously and in complete confidentiality. Once the answers have been